Terms And Conditions

RishtaDilka.com is the modern-age website for everyone who is waiting for true love to knock on their doors. Our platform is wholly legalized, and thus, it’s sufficient for you to go through our terms and conditions for making the most use of the website in the future:

The entitlement of your membership at RishtaDilka.com

You would not or do not need to sign up or already be a member of RishtaDilka.com for your entire life. As per your wish or demand, you can always terminate your membership with RishtaDilka.com. However, it’s better that you write the reason for us.

Similarly, in case of any breach of contract in using the website as it should be, RishtaDilka.com can terminate/block/suspend/remove your membership from the website without prior notice.

However, the provisions under section 4,5,7, 9, 14 still remain in effect, even if the Agreement is null or void.

Non-Commercial Use by Members

  • The website aims for you to use it for the sole purpose of finding your soul mate or a life partner. You should not be found using RishtaDilka.com for following purposes:
  • For commercial endeavors or,
  • Using RishtaDilka.com as a means of building your backlinks to another website or,
  • Using RishtaDilka.com as another website to suit the service of an organization, community, and the like or,
  • Using RishtaDilka.com for unauthorized framing or linking. Such an act is bound for investigation or legal proceedings, and that too without the current criminal, civil, limitation, and injunctive redress.
  • Proprietary Rights In Content on RishtaDilka.com
  • RishtaDilka.com has each and every proprietary right over RishtaDilka.com'swebsite content and the services it provides. This includes the copyright content that is related to the website as well as its licensors.
  • So, you are not allowed to steal, copy, modify or use any of the given proprietary information related to RishtaDilka.com unless and until stated otherwise, lest your current membership with the website will terminate, and might even lead to legal action in severe cases of breach of contract.

Regarding the content

There is no space at RishtaDilka.com for posting any sort of offensive, threatening, or misleading information. Thus, we request you to look after the content referred to as “Post” hereafter at RishtaDilka.com. This is a given note that RishtaDilka.com’s administrators review your post once in a while.

The general outlines for a post on RishtaDilka.com are:

While posting anything on your publicly visible section of the profile but not limited only to the existing contact details, there is an unconditional as well as irrevocable permission you are giving to RishtaDilka.com to review and take control measures against any post found unnecessary or offensive.

You are taking charge and responsibility for the post you upload, share, or email on RishtaDilka.com. The website is not in any case responsible for the text, media, or any other file and format that you upload, share email, or message to someone on the website.

The post that you share online at RishtaDilka.com with the RishtaDilka.com members should be received by the RishtaDilka.com members at their own risk, while the sender is responsible for becoming the origin of such content. RishtaDilka.com takes no responsibility for such media or posts that are being circulated between members.

RishtaDilka.com does not take responsibility in relation to the accuracy of any information shared by any RishtaDilka.com member on his or her individual profile.

RishtaDilka.com is not liable for insult, damage, or loss or image via the post in the form of text, image, or video shared by the members of RishtaDilka.com between themselves or on the profile at RishtaDilka.com.

Upon any complaint from any of the members, or upon the unsolicited investigation carried by the RishtaDilka.com administrators, any content found unauthentic is liable for unlimited block, suspension, removal, or even termination from the RishtaDilka.com website. To prove one’s authenticity, one might be asked to upload the real identification proofs.

Other Terms of Use by Members

RishtaDilka.com is a website that has been made to help you find the life partner by filtering the age, qualification, location, and much more with a lesser amount of money. However, if any content or information is found offensive, abusive, misleading, or the like, then RishtaDilka.com reserves the immediate right to block/suspend/remove the profile or restrict the communication between two and more profiles via email or private message or anything that deemed fit over the website without prior notice to the defaulter (a member who commits the crime of misleading information).

Member code of conduct

  • RishtaDilka.com encourages its members NOT to indulge in any activity mentioned below in any which way:
  • Do not advertise or market any product or service on the website
  • Do not start any chain or networking messaging that often solicit something in advance from other members or are threatening enough for the reader
  • Do not use any information given over RishtaDilka.com to threaten, coerce, abuse, blackmail, emotionally torture, or the like any other person or a member registered at RishtaDilka.com at any cost.
  • Do not use any bots or automation processes over the website for your profile’s benefit on RishtaDilka.com.
  • Do not break any law or regulation applied to your state, district, or country while using RishtaDilka.com.
  • Do not write any other member’s contact information on your member profile on RishtaDilka.com. This includes, but is not limited to, contact number, email ID, URLs, pictures, and address information.
  • However, in case of any such mentioned act, RishtaDilka.com reserves the right to ban, block, delete, suspend your member account from the website. The site might also take legal action if the case is so.

Regarding illegal or prohibited content

RishtaDilka.com ensures that only legal content is published, keeping the safety and security of the members of the website in mind. Otherwise, strict legal action will be taken in sole discretion against the perpetrator, the one who breaches the Agreement with the RishtaDilka.com in becoming its member.

Illegal and prohibited content includes:

  • As per the legalities RishtaDilka.com is adhering to, it has the stamp of the bonafide service provider to take legal action against the transgressors for the abuse or crime committed online over the server.
  • Thus, as a member of RishtaDilka.com, keep a note that such content is deemed to be illegal or prohibitive:
  • Indulging in bigotry to offend any member of the community online on RishtaDilka.com.
  • Spreading any kind of hatred or promising to induce any physical harm to another member online at RishtaDilka.com.
  • Harassment of any other individual member.
  • Sending or exchanging any “Junk mail,” “Chain letters,” “Spamming content,” on RishtaDilka.com.
  • Promoting any content that is misleading, unreal, falsified, and/or obscene.
  • Putting on abusive, obscene, libelous, or threatening comments/messages/text/images.
  • Promoting other people's artwork or anything else without consent and illegally.
  • Selling of pirated content online at RishtaDilka.com
  • Displaying any pornographic, graphic, traumatic, and adult content on RishtaDilka.com
  • Sharing passwords of profiles at RishtaDilka.com
  • Showing, exchanging, providing, or offering content and/or material that is harmful to minors in any manner like sexual or otherwise.
  • Soliciting personal and private information from minors from RishtaDilka.com.
  • Selling or buying any illegal content and material at RishtaDilka.com like explosives, weapons, drugs, etc.
  • We are only internet services provide we are not responsible of persons characters and behavior etc.
  • Asking for passwords or personal security questions of another member at RishtaDilka.com.
  • Violating any member’s privacy.
  • Engaging in the sale or purchase of any spammy schemes without any prior consent in written format.